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monsoon is an art/adventure game about two farmers crossing the desert to make it home before the monsoon season arrives!

☀ how to play ☀

  • every day starts on the map screen. click on any location marked with an orange "?" to travel there.
  • each day, action points can be allocated to different activities: travelling, foraging, and resting. these all affect the characters' stats: health, energy, and hunger. if any of these stats reach zero, the game ends! 
  • a lot of this prototype is cinematic - you need to allocate at least one action point to move on in the game, but the characters will then travel automatically.
  • each evening, the characters set up a camp overnight. here, you can navigate to unlock the next day's map locations.
  • navigation works by looking at constellations - each one has multiple images hidden in it; none of them are the "wrong" choice, they just unlock different locations!

☀ p.s. ☀

  • this was built as an art-focused project for my university degree!
  • monsoon doesn't save; if you quit the game, you'll have to start from day 1 next time you open it. :(
  • not all the possible routes are programmed! the prototype is quite small - there are three routes through different terrains that start from the first location.

by liv jeremiah 


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